Congratulations to the Canterbury Rugby Team and the Crusaders on their contribution to the ALL BLACKS winning the 2012 Rugby World Cup.

They are an inspiration to the nation, showing amazing resilience and mental toughness throughout the whole or 2012.
The way they have demonstrated a fantastic ability to deal with continued adversity in the form of the destruction and
devastation to their home city, Christchurch, has been a great inspiration to many thousands of people right around the country.
And in the process they went on to win the championship for the 4th consecutive year.
Only one other team (Auckland) has achieved that feat in more than 100 years of competition.

“What I liked most about the ‘Learned Optimism and Resilience’ programme was the attitudinal shift from a pessimistic outlook to optimistic with tools that are practical, relevant and most importantly usable. I highly recommend this programme because the ideas and strategies can be easily used by any person and the material is based on proven scientific research.’
Rob Penney - Head Coach Canterbury Rugby Football Union

High-performance sporting achievement

What do the Crusaders, Matt Biondi and Shorty Clark have in common? They are all sporting champions who know that sporting success is as much about attitude as it is about ability.

Foresight works with the Crusaders and Canterbury Rugby Union to build the optimism and resilience (Mental Toughness) of their players, coaches and managers, enhancing their match-winning attitude.

And through mental toughness coaching from Foresight Shorty Clark grew from a weekend warrior to New Zealand triathlon champion. We can't claim credit for Olympic champion Matt Biondi, but the story of his success shows the importance of attitude.

A winning attitude

More than 1000 studies worldwide have proven that an athlete's mental toughness and optimism (or attributional style) affects their results. Mentally tough athletes achieve more because they:

  • are more motivated
  • enjoy better moods and wellbeing
  • are healthier
  • recover faster from injury.
Foresight can help you build your winning attitude by:

Find out how Shorty Clark became a gold-medal-winning triathlete with Foresight's help, and how Matt Biondi's mental toughness saw him succeed when others thought he would fail.

And read how exercise physiologist and training consultant Jon Ackland uses Foresight's services and tools to build champions.

Ask how Foresight can help you develop a winning attitude.

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