Mental Toughness

The Plus 30 Factor

How to get 30% more out of pretty much anything you put your mind to.

Increasing your resilience, also known as mental toughness or grit, is a huge influence on performance, personal effectiveness, and business productivity.
The techniques we teach are easy, fun to learn, and last a lifetime.

Study after study shows how mental toughness is directly connected to:

  • Increased sales from salespeople who are much more effective, and can deal with the first 'no' (and the second, and the third ...)
  • Reduced staff turnover, due to improved results and much higher self-esteem
  • Improved customer relationships and higher margins
  • More effective leadership/management, and much greater engagement
  • Improved personal relationships, and much more productive working relationships
  • High levels of resilience and superior productivity
  • A positive response to changes in the workplace enabling change initiatives to succeed
  • Robustness when work pressures increase
  • Higher EBIT than your competitors.


This science-based course uses case studies, exercises and discussions to grow your mental toughness and resilience.
During the course you will receive your personal mental toughness assessment report based on the Seligman Attributional Style Questionnaire [SASQ], as used in over 1000 studies worldwide.
You will gain new skills which you can use immediately.

Dates: Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 September 2012

Venue: TBA

Fee: $1995.00 plus GST

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