About Nick Muller

A specialist in personal development as it related to optimising business performance, Nick Muller works with people in organisations to enhance and develop capability. This in turn creates a sustainable competitive advantage for businesses who invest in their people.


Nick Muller comes from a background of owning his own business and also has occupied roles as General Manager for one large New Zealand based company. Nick provides coaching and mentoring within the Small Medium Enterprise market through part of the Auckland Business School "The ICEHOUSE".

"The missing link for most businesses, or ceiling to growth is mostly centred around people", Nick Muller suggests. The route to unlock potential is based on Skills, Knowledge and Perspective. Nick was attracted to Foresight and it's direction, and sees a natural alignment and fit.

Nick has extensive experience in Strategic Planning, Change Management initiatives and has been a full time professional Coach and Trainer for the last 6 years.

Nick has 2 children and lives on Auckland's North Shore.




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