Personality and Communication Style Assessments with DISC

The DISC Assessment tool has been developed from research by Dr William Marston Ph.D., showing how a persons behaviour can be assessed according to their needs and motivation for greater or lesser degrees of:

in their relationships with other people and their environment.

The DISC assessment report is a very powerful way of finding out about your applicant/candidate's needs and motivation. From the report you will gain important insights into their motivation, communication style, the best way to manage them, and how they can be expected to lead and manage others.
You will also see the changes they are making in their behaviour in order to present themselves in the best light possible.

Foresight offers a range of options for making use of the DISC assessment system - these include:

Basic assessment
. Used in the pre-employment process for most applicants

Sophisticated assessment
. Foresight consults with you to identify a suitable job template/benchmark to "match" candidates against. Used for senior roles and critical roles such as sales, key account management, business development management, negotiator. Foresight can also consult with you to create a specific job template/benchmark for your enterprise to "match" candidates against.

3rd Party assessments
. This is a method for creating an assessment of a 3rd party where you have a reasonable amount of knowledge about that person. (This assessment is very valuable for planning the best way to communicate with high value contacts and key clients.)

Download a sample assessment here. This has a job match to an automotive sales role. More options are available including matching the profile of the person being assessed with our complete library of jobs.

Basic assessment with job matching from job library NZ$95.00 + tax
Sophisticated assessment with job matching to a suitable role in job librarry NZ$145.00 + tax
3rd Party assessment NZ$125.00 + tax  
Annual subscription unlimited testing NZ$2,500 + tax


Special Arrangements can be made for high volumes of assessments.

Assessing Candidates:
The Foresight system uses an on-line questionnaire and the assessment reports are compiled and delivered by email within 24 hours of the candidate completing the questionnaire.
On receiving a purchase order for testing we email you the link to the questionnaire and while we recommend that the questionnaire is completed under light supervision, the link can be forwarded to candidates who complete it at their convenience.


For more information and a no obligation consultation with a Foresight consultant please contact us.

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