NZ Breast Care "Pink Ribbon" Luncheon - Gulf Harbour

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On Thursday May 28th 2009 one hundred women gathered at the Gulf Harbour Yacht Club to support the Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon fundraising programme for 2009.

Congratulations Tricia.
Congratulations to Tricia Fleming, who organised this very popular event for the second year running. The extensive support from local businesses, friends and colleagues helped to make the afternoon a great success and it was clear that both the cause, and Tricia are held in very high regard on the Hibiscus Coast.
A primarily women only attendance (so to speak) event, the ladies had a very jovial lunch meeting and fun time together, while contributing to the "Pink Ribbon" cause. Howard (in pink pinny) “manned” the bar and it was my privilege to be the keynote speaker.

What an inspirational audience. Any public speaker would be energised by this group of dynamic women gathering to support a vital cause.

The topic of my speech was:
"Make that Switch" & turn on the X factor in your attitude

I'm grateful to Fay, Jude, and Viv for their assistance with the Velcro / Teflon skit. And to the ladies in the audience for getting into the spirit of demonstrating how we can make that switch by throwing those balls around.

A request was made for copies of the presentation (powerpoint) to be made available and it's now on-line.
Download "Make that Switch" here.

Thanks Tricia for the opportunity to speak to your Pink Ribbon Luncheon Ladies. I'm sure this annual fundraiser will continue to be a success for many years to come.

Jamie Ford
Mental Toughness Consultant and Advisor

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