The resilience factor

No organisation or individual can afford to ignore the vital importance of resilience.

Can you identify resilience?

A person's resilience is influenced by their environment, their skills and competencies and their values and beliefs. With Essi Systems' Resiliency Map individuals and employers can identify what is influencing their emotional resilience. Then they can design and develop interventions to boost it.

The map is a self-administered assessment and action planning guide that takes just one hour. It charts a person's strengths and vulnerabilities, and areas of caution and strain. It also provides an action plan for improving overall resilience and performance.

The Essi Systems Resiliency Map is the best tool for measuring and analysing resilience in groups and organisations. For a more individually focused tool, try the SASQ.

Email us to find out more about how you can develop resilient teams with the Essi Systems Resiliency Map.

Can you learn resilience?

Foresight has a history of providing highly effective resilience training workshops and resilience coaching for individuals. With more resilient staff, you can expect:

  • Increased sales from salespeople who can deal with the first 'no' (and the second, and the third ...)
  • Lower staff turnover, due to improved results and self-esteem.
  • Improved customer relationships.
  • Significantly better leadership.

Email us for more information about developing a resilient mindset. 

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