EQ workshops

Emotional intelligence can be learned

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a skill, not something that you are born with and are unable to change. Our EQ grows and develops with experience, and even without coaching, people tend to have higher EQ skills in their 40s and 50s.

The Foresight Institute can speed up that learning by creating a tailored workshop to help your staff communicate constructively and effectively. By becoming more emotionally intelligent, you and your staff will better be able to:

  • Work co-operatively
  • Cope with massive, rapid change
  • Deal with masses of often conflicting information
  • Manage time and resources
  • We will tailor our workshops to meet your objectives.

Contact us to find out how your business can benefit from Foresight's emotional intelligence workshops.  

EQ mapping and profiling

Emotional intelligence is the ability to build people up, bring them together, and motivate them to do their best. Study after study ranks emotional intelligence as the key to an organisation's success.

Foresight can help you harness the power of emotional intelligence for the good of your organisation, using the comprehensive EQMap® (from Q>Metrics). The EQMap:

  • Measures EQ on 20 scales 
  • Takes less than one hour
  • Is self-administered and confidential
  • Visually maps personal patterns
  • Pinpoints strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Targets emotional competency
  • Provides insights on every scale
  • Guides development with easy-to-use "action planning" worksheets

Foresight can administer EQMap® sessions, provide consulting services or provide individual modules for your own use during an interview.

Contact us to find out more about EQMap or to order your EQMap® resource package.

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