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On Friday 27th June Jamie Ford delivered a motivational presentation on the Topic "Tough Thinking For Tough Times".

Over the course of an hour Jamie explored with the attendees the way in which "Thinking Styles" have a profound effect on our motivation and ability to stick-at-it in tough times, and go for bigger goals in good times. The Foresight Institute specialises in working with enterprises and individuals to develop the "Thinking Styles" that are scientifically proven to be linked with above average results. This includes:
* Testing prospective franchisees and employees for this important motivational factor
* Providing training prgrammes to develop this factor with a team
* Providing personal development programmes (coaching) for individual development of this factor

ANZ National Bank is using the testing system as part of its Talent Gateway in select the next generation of senior managers
Yellow Pages Group uses Foresight to deliver personal development programmes based on this body of science
The Crusaders and the CRFU are well down the track towards acquiring a licence to take the Foresight Mental Toughness Training System into their organisation.

If you would like a copy of Jamie's Presentation Slides contact Jamie

If you want to take up the 50% off Testing offer for conference attendees contact Jamie. The list price for the Thinking Styles (SASQ) test designed by Professor Martin Seligman is $395.00 + GST. This offer is open throughout July 08.

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