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When the going gets tough, the mentally tough listen to Jamie Ford

Mental Toughness and Emotional Resilience is the ability to grow and thrive in the face of challenges, and to bounce back swiftly from adversities and setbacks. Foresight's coaching and learning & development programmes are all about enabling you to perform at your optimal level in all manner of circumstances and situations.

Jamie Ford, business director, mental toughness and resilience coach, is also a skilled keynote and motivational speaker who informs, educates and entertains, while helping audiences understand the importance of building a winning attitude.

With management experience across several industries and internationally recognised training in emotional intelligence and building resilience, Jamie works with  people to help them build attitudes that lead to a more resilient and less  stressful life.  It's no wonder one CEO is known to tell his senior managers "You'll need to call Jamie to solve this problem".

You can also call Jamie to solve your problem or even prevent it before it occurs!  Whether you want to motivate a sales team, help your staff master stress, build positive workplace attitudes or challenge your organisation's leaders to up their game, Jamie will produce a hard-hitting and entertaining presentation that has immediate impact.

Jamie's keynote and motivational topics include:

  • Developing tomorrow's achievers today
  • Mental toughness, the  X factor in your attitude
  • What Sports coaches can discover that varsity won't teach you
  • Leading means coaching
  • The power of positive psychology in business 
  • IQ 140 + EQ 0 = a recipe for disaster
  • The time for mastering stress is now!
  • Future proofing through resilience
  • Self-management in leadership/selling
  • The power of optimism
  • The mentally tough leader/salesperson
  • The emotionally intelligent leader/salesperson
  • Resilient leadership
  • Resilient attitude skills
  • What makes the tough get going?
  • It's all about attitude 
  • Prospecting can be fun with a system
  • The art and science of major account selling
  • No cop-out sales success

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Jamie will tailor his presentation to your specific needs. Enquire about his availability for your next keynote or motivational presentation.


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