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This is a resource page set up for the  Jaguar, Landrover, and Volvo service people who attended The Genuine Experience Conference, held at the Langham Hotel on Friday 17th August 2007. It is set up to provide you with access to the material Jamie Ford used in his presentation.

The Genuine Experience Power Point Presentation
>> click here and send Jamie an email asking for a copy of the slides with the content of the session ...
* Minding Your Own Business
* BDA - Before, During, After
* Attitude Gym Workout (Mental Toughness)
* Being The Best You Can Be

Start a Library of Books and Magazines that focus on Customer Service and Sales. Make sure your team have plenty of material for ideas on how to get a new competitive edge.
>> click here for some lists of books to start your library with

New Ideas on customer service and technical service in the motor industry are easily found on the web.
Just open your browser and search for Customer Service ...
>> click here for some thoughts from customers on what they want ... Then search on that site for more ideas ...
One person who provides a feast of ideas on Technical Service is  Dan Marinucci.
>> click here to go to a website with some of his pieces

Doubling Your Sales Selling Doughnuts - or, how you do business means everything!
>> click here to go to a piece on how a New York Donughut vendor sells twice as many as his competitors.
Action Point: Get a discussion going with your team on how they can take the principle applied by the doughnut man and use it in your business to make doing business at your place easier and more pleasant for the customers.

How To Stuff Up Your Public Image Big Time at Angus & Robertson
>> click here for an appalling example of how one thoughtless manager got plenty of publicity for his company - bad publicity. It came out on a Thursday in the Sydney Morning Herald, so readers had Thursday and Friday to share the bad news before they gossipped about it over brunches Saturday and Sunday.

How Carl Sewell Transformed His Dealership to get away from competing on price ...
Carl Sewell believes in the value of "Customers For Life" and the commitment it takes to make it happen. His idea of commitment comes from the analogy of bacon and eggs i.e. The Hen got Involved, but the Pig was Committed! Carl figured out in 2002 that the lifetime value of a customer is US$517,000.00
>> click here to read about how Carl transformed his business ...
Action Point:
Get your team together to create a 3 item customer feedback form so that you can start getting competitive advantage by providing customers with a superior genuine experience like Carl does.

>> click here to go to a page with photo's from the Jamie's presentation.

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