Foresight in the news:

Recipe for Resilience.  Kim Tay and Jamie Ford wrote down the "recipe for resilience" for the Employment section of the June issue of Savour Magazine published by the Restaurant Association of NZ.
Full marks to the Association for taking on the challenge of improving resilience in the workplace

How to use psychometric tests. Jamie Ford talks to Hilary Barry on Breakfast. 18th October 2017

Can psychometric tests tell us anything? Jamie Ford speaks to Liam Dann (NZ Herald Business Editor) about the value and use of psych. tests after the IRD and Christchurch City Council found themselves embroiled in unnecessary controversy by planning to use them in a redundancy and restructure context.

Why Australians are more resilient than Kiwis. Jamie Ford discusses this with Simon Power from the SpinOff. How come the suicide rate of young Aussie's is 50% less than here in NZ but not one person in the helping professions uses the Seligman Attributional Style Questionnaire to gain valuable insights into the root causes?

The Magic of "X Factor" Thinking. Marketing guru Graham McGregor interviews Jamie Ford on the vital mindset that underpins success

Out in the elements and loving it. Jamie Ford enjoys riding a motorcycle in his down-time - NZ Herald Driven 22 April 2017

Mindset Matters Most. insights on how mental toughness helps business owners perform better and succeed quicker  with a 5 step action plan - NZ Business 18 April 2017

How to bounce back quickly from a break-up: Jamie Ford provides expert advice on using resilience to get over that break-up fast - NZ Herald 14 March 2017

Why a Resilient Mindset is such a vital factor in the wellbeing of every member of our nation: Jamie Ford speaks to Jesse Mulligan on Radio New Zealand 20 February 2017

An Optimistic Mindset is a powerful ally in your search for work: Jamie Ford, NZ's Mental Toughness and Resilience thought leader provides expert advice in an NZ Herald Column 8 February 2017

Hibiscus Coast Football Club introduce Mental Toughness training for their first team under the guidance of Jamie Ford NZ's International Thought Leader in Resilience - Rodney Times 25 January 2017

Pondering the big things in life: Jamie Ford - Item 11 NZ Herald 15 January 2015

Beating the "Back-to-Work Blues": Jamie Ford, NZ's Mental Toughness and Resilience expert provides advice on Radio Live Monday 1st January 2015

Attitude Matters Most   Golf Digest Magazine October 2014 - Performance Factor Research

Twelve Questions: Jamie Ford  NZ Herald July 2014 - A chat about my life, work, and mental toughness

Surviving and Thriving in a Corporate Career  NZ Herald July 2014 - Sarah Stuart's blog on Learning Mental Toughness at the University of Auckland

Mental Toughness - The X Factor In Your Attitude   The Sunday Star Times March 2014. A Foresight project with Golf Digest Magazine USA

Stay calm when the right hand rule changes   Jamie Ford, NZ's Mental Toughness and Resilience expert provides advice in a chat with Marcus Lush - Radio Live 21st March 2012

How to get over those Valentine's Day Blues   Marcus Lush gets advice for listeners from Jamie - Radio Live 15th February 2012

How to get mentally ready for Christmas   Radio Live interview with Marcus Lush 12th December 2011

People Power    Jamie talks to the North Harbour Business Association Magazine about fine-tuning our attitudes and the productivity of happy people - September 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011:

1 Are we overconfident going in to the RWC final, or will the All Blacks choke ?    Radio Live interview with Marcus Lush 29th September 2011

2 How will we cope if the Warriors and the All Blacks should lose   Radio Live interview with Marcus Lush 29th September 2011

3 Mental Toughness - What you need to succeed in sport      Jamie Ford provides Murray Deaker's audience with expert insights on this vital performance factor  September 2011

4 Is the All Blacks Rugby World Cup Campaign hobbled by two back-to-back losses      Jamie Ford provides expert comments to the nation on TVNZ's Close up programme August 29th 2011

Are the All Blacks mentally tough enough to go all the way    Jamie Ford provides expert comments to the nation on Radio NZ's morning report August 29th 2011

Crusaders set example for mental toughness    The Star (Canterbury) July 2011

What makes the Crusaders so tough    Scoop July 2011

Mental health workers study what makes the Crusaders so tough  Voxy July 2011

Mental health workers study what makes the Crusaders so tough   Open Polytechnic of NZ July 2011

Making the best possible start to 2011  Radio Live interview with Marcus Lush January 10th 2011

Preparing for the emotional pressures of Christmas  Radio Live interview with Marcus Lush December 20th 2010

So you think you are mentally tough?  Australian Institute of Management April 2010 (page 3)

Why mental toughness is crucial for sales success  Business Blogs December 2009

Finding silver linings in the economic clouds  Business Today October 2009

Mental toughness will get you through  Business Today September 2009

Time to accentuate the positve NZ Business September 2009

Surviving the Recession Business Today August 2009

Is NZ a no-win-nation? NZ Herald August 2009

Optimism in a Gloomy World Enterprise May 2009

Ten questions in ten minutes Northern Focus February 2009

Unpack your attitude and score your goals Northern Focus January 2009

Crusaders tackle rivals headfirst NZ Herald December 2008

Mental toughness will get you through Businessman Today Novenber 2008

How to be happy NZ Herald, November 2008

Mental Toughness - Lessons from salespeople applied to the rugby field NZ Sales Manager October 2008

Happy workers are prozac to profits NZ Herald, October 2008

Outside office, life's rules apply NZ Herald, July 2008

Positive attitudes buoy business success Independent Financial Review, May 2008

Keep staff happy and production will flow ... Newstalk ZB, One News, Yahoo Extra, April 2008

Does Happiness at Work Matter? NZ Herald, April 2008

Ten Top Tips: Building a More Resilient Workplace NZ Management, April 2008

MBA students get the Mental Toughness Advantage  Press release, February 2008

Don't Worry, Be Happy In Your Work NZ Herald, January 2008

Always Look on the Bright Side NZ Herald, December 2007

Sports: Why the Long Faces? Close Up, TV One, November 2007

What's behind our losing streak? Morning Report, National Radio, November 2007

The national curse could haunt our netballers too Herald on Sunday, November 2007

Will the Silver Ferns Retain the Netball World Cup? Nine to Noon, National Radio, November 2007

Salespeople Need Optimism to Succeed NZ Herald, August 2007

Pessimism holding back Kiwis NZ Herald, May 2007

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