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Navigating the pitfalls of business, and life, can be tricky. So Foresight is happy to offer you a few tools to help you through.

Click on the links below to download tools that will help make you and your people happy, productive and wise!

Personal development tools

Being a Sales Tiger - Seven Tips on what the "Tigers" do while the Elephants watch what happened, and the Hippos wonder what happened

Eight Steps to Happiness — Eight simple, but proven, things you can do to increase your happiness

Mastering Rejection — The better you cope with rejection and setbacks, in selling, relationships and life, the less vulnerable to depression and more open to success you will be. Find out how.

Being Happy and Productive — New ideas on managing your moods and emotions.

How You Can Change Your Mind (Attitude) Too — Find out how negative beliefs and ideas are formed and become habits we incorrectly think are fixed. There's more you can do to change your mind than you might have imagined.

Happiness is contagious — A recent study published by the British Medical Journal shows how much happiness matters.

Happiness is now the subject of a huge amount of world-wide research (4,000 books on the subject published in 2008), and Psychology Today has many helpful pieces on the subject i.e. The pursuit of happiness. Type "happiness" into the search box on the Psychology Today pages and you can access a number of articles on this important topic.

Business development tools

Effective Leadership, The Pirate's code — Pirates in the 17 th and 18 th centuries established leadership systems superior to those of many modern enterprises. Find out how in this article from the New Yorker.

Employee Turnover Cost Calculator — Find out the true, but hidden, costs of replacing an employee.

Powerful Insights for Success in Recruiting High Achievers — Mastering The Cycle of Employment — A guide to all aspects of recruitment.

Discounting Impact Tool  — Thinking of boosting turnover by offering discounts? Don't even consider it until you read this document, showing how it will affect your the bottom-line, and how much more you will have to sell as a result.

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