Client testimonials

Foresight has an extensive library of testimonials from clients who have benefited from our expertise. Here is a small sample:

"What I liked about the Learned Optimism and Resilience programme is that the content is practical, simple and easily applicable. It made a positive difference to how I perceive events in my life. I enjoyed Jamie Ford's informal and light hearted presentation style. The programme has enabled me to take more ownership of successes, while dwelling less on adversities that we face. Applying the concepts and techniques from Jamie's course enables me to feel more energised about facing challenges. I am now more conscious and better equipped to model positive, optimistic behaviour and language which rubs off on those around me. I highly recommend the Learned Optimism and Resilience Programme as it makes a difference."  Steve Lancaster - High Performance Leader Crusaders & Canterbury Rugby Football Union

"The two days we spent with Jamie I would rate as the best with regard to business that I have ever experienced. In addition to the major progress on business matters, the relationships between the partners were strengthened, and we are now highly motivated and confident about the future of our business." - Dave Lovrich, BDS, North Shore Dental

"We have just emerged from an extended market price war and developing the positive attitude of our sales people and increasing their levels of optimism, has been invaluable. Our sales people are increasingly positive and I would certainly recommend the SASQ optimism testing as a strong guideline when recruiting." - Peter McElroy, Group GM, Amcor Kiwi Packaging

"Flexible Optimism was all I hoped it would be. I am waking up in the morning and choosing how I will respond to the day and to incidents which occur. I am standing back from an incident before I respond to it. I am rephrasing responses in my mind - to become more optimistic. It's working! Not just in the workplace - but life is a happier place!" - Marie Faith-Allen, Area Manager, Community Probation Services

"ESR is a business with high exposure to personal stress for staff. Jamie Ford and Toni Snelgrove have been professional and very thorough in developing an understanding of these stresses and the impacts on our staff, and in tailoring their workshops to meet our needs. As an HR manager, I can feel confident that ESR has taken the best possible steps to support and assist our people to deal with the inherent difficulties of their profession." - James Leslie, Resource Manager, ESR Ltd

 “What I liked most about the ‘Learned Optimism and Resilience’ programme was the attitudinal shift from a pessimistic outlook to optimistic with tools that are practical, relevant and most importantly usable. I highly recommend this programme because the ideas and strategies can be easily used by any person and the material is based on proven scientific research.’
Rob Penney - Former Head Coach Canterbury Rugby Football Union (4 consecutive titles 2008  2011), Head Coach Munster, Head Coach NZ Under 20's

"The SASQ attitude testing provided by Foresight has changed the way we manage people. It has certainly helped us to identify who is and who isn't likely to cope." - Garth Bradford, Managing Director, Henry Schein Regional Limited and Regional Health Limited

"The mental toughness course was one of the best short courses I have attended. The skills learned were extremely useful and practical. I found myself using them automatically, without needing to refer to any notes. I now feel that I can confidently deal with any challenging situation." - Anna Pollock, Communications Consultant, IAG

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