Assessment and Diagnostic tools

Gaining Insights on Optimism, Resilience and Mental Toughness — SASQ

Assessing the proven foundation of success - your mindset -  the SASQ was developed by the founder of positive psychology Professor Martin Seligman, and has been validated in more than 1000 studies worldwide.

Use it to:

  • Tap into a rich vein of insights into the accidentally learned mindset of the person you are assessing and compare this to high performers 
  • Identify which applicants have the resilience and mental toughness to deliver superior performance
  • Identify how to develop average performers into superstars
  • Gain insights into accidentally formed habits of thinking that are sabotaging the achievement of true potential
  • Plan a course of action to create an optimistic workforce and increase productivity
  • To identify the underlying patterns of thinking that lead to the onset of depression and unhappiness and the way out of that cesspit to lasting happiness.

The strong research base underpinning the SASQ shows that the mindset being assessed impacts on every facet and aspect of life from Sport to Health and Wellbeing, to Academic Achievement and Work Performance.

Find out more about the SASQ formerly known as the ASQ.


Gaining Insights on Personality / Communication / Social Style — DISC

The DISC assessment tool is based on research showing how a persons motivation and behaviour are driven by the degree of their need for dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance in their interaction with others. These are valuable insights.
The DISC report will show you your applicant's favoured communication style, what motivates them, the best way to manage them, how they can be expected to manage other people and what changes they are making in their behaviour in anticipation of working for you.

The DISC report will also show you:
a) How well they are suited to the job
b) The sort of job that best suits the applicant.

Find out more about DISC

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