Coaching for attitude

Attitude is everything, in business and sport. When something goes wrong, is it just a set-back you can overcome, or is it a demotivating disaster? When something goes right, is it because you are skilled and professional, or was it just a fluke?

Your answer to these questions shows your attitude — and affects your success in everything from business to sport, personal relationships and hobbies.

But your attitude is not something you are born with — it is something you learned. And if it is holding you back from success, you can learn how to change it.

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Coaching for optimism

Your expectations of success or failure are often self-fulfilling prophecies. Research on positive psychology has shown that if you believe you will succeed you are more likely to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. And it has also shown how to measure optimism and turn pessimistic thinking around.

In coaching you for optimism we will:

  • Identify your self-defeating beliefs (which you may not be aware of) and what triggers them.
  • Evaluate how accurate these beliefs are.
  • Replace these beliefs with more constructive and accurate ones, by teaching you how to tune in to and change your internal dialogue.

This training benefits not just individuals, but also organisations with employees who have the ability and desire to achieve, but not the necessary optimism and emotional resilience. Through coaching for optimism, they can turn their attitudes around, leading to more personal and professional success.

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Coaching for high performance in sports

What do champion New Zealand triathlete Shorty Clark and Olympic multi-gold-medallist Matt Biondi have in common? They both have the optimistic attitude needed to push through failure to become champions.

Although we are keen armchair and recreational sports fans, Foresight cannot make you kick straighter or bowl faster. But we can help you to become more emotionally resilient and optimistic, and therefore more successful.

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