Don't let the gloom drag your business down

Read the headlines lately? Chances are you find them depressing - job losses, company failures, gloom, doom and depression.

But while you are paying attention to what's going wrong, you are overlooking things that are going well and all the possibilities for the future.

It's worthwhile putting in the effort to overcome this natural tendency, because if you react positively, you'll find creative solutions that take you forward.

Here are some practical steps your business can take to ensure it thrives through adversity:

  • Encourage the use of positive language even if it seems trite.  It does help overcome the negativity.
  • Minimise setbacks. That doesn't mean ignoring them, it means asking "what do we need to do to quickly and productively move on from this", rather than dwelling on them and wallowing in negativity.
  • Look for the positive and acknowledge it while holding back the negative comments.
  • Increase consultation at all levels and avoid the temptation to over-manage. It takes a conscious effort to "let go" and be more inclusive, but you will be
  • rewarded with increased effort from everyone.
  • Cut down on reporting. Right now a lot of businesses are damaging productivity by asking for reports to explain why people are missing targets set in better times. But we know why this is happening - so spend your time working to beat the gloom, rather than wasting your time endlessly analysing it.

You'll find more tips for building personal and workplace resilience in the article Ten Top Tips: Building a More Resilient Workplace on the Foresight in the news page of

Build your mental toughness

A workplace that thrives despite the gloom is made up of resilient and mentally tough people who don't give up when facing adversity. That's the whole purpose of Jamie Ford's Mental Toughness short courses at the University of Auckland. These consistently rank in the top five short courses run by the School of Business, and the next one is on July 29 & 30 (there are more later in the year). If you or members of your team need a bit more mental toughness to ride out the recession, book a place on the next course.

Win a $95.00 stress-busting package

It can be tough being resilient when you're feeling stressed.

So Foresight has Five Essi Systems stress-busting packages, worth $95.00ea. to give away.  It includes a Stress Map® to plot your sources of stress, a New Directions Workbook to help you interpret the map, a 21-Day Action Planning Workbook to guide you through the changes that will help, and a relaxation tape to help you let go.

Businesses can use this package to help employees, or individuals can use it to take control of their own stress. To win the Essi Systems stress-busting package, and be put on our database (if you're not there already), answer this simple question:

What is Jamie Ford's fifth tip for building a more resilient workplace?

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