Beating Depression and Mastering Adversity

How much does the epidemic of depression concern you?
60 Minutes had a really valuable segment on Dr. Martin Seligman on Monday night, and his prescription for combating depression. People who have used Dr Seligman's Optimism/Positive Psychology thinking and techniques to help them overcome suicidal tendencies were on TV speaking about their experiences. According to the programme we can expect depression to become the biggest cause of illness after heart disease in the near future.

The implications of this are huge! It could affect any of our family members, children, friends, work-mates or employees. Sadly, the most extreme outcome could result in someone taking their own life. Apart from this terrible thought, there is the loss of quality of life and the personal trauma for friends and family, and cost implications for employers - sick leave, unproductive time, lowered team morale, low mood and loss of motivation.

What if everyone could be immunized against depression? And it's possible!

Research has shown that Optimism / Positive Thinking can be taught, and that people who are taught how to be Optimistic are at much less risk of depression and it's awful consequences. This has been found to be true for children as well as adults.

If you would like to discuss how Foresight can help immunize you, your family, your friends or your employees against the epidemic of depression, please give us a call now on 09 478 4066.

Kind regards,

Jamie Ford

Optimism Coach
PS: Read this weeks Listener - Pages 14 to 17 for more on Happiness and Marty Seligman's work in this.

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