Crusaders hire Foresight

They're already pretty tough but Super 14's dream team will be even tougher after hiring the Foresight Institute.

Foresight director and mental toughness coach Jamie Ford is working with the coaches and leaders of seven-times winners the Crusaders, helping them to embed the team's match-winning attitude in their DNA.

"Study after study has shown that remaining at the top of your game — in sports or business — requires optimism and the mental toughness to take set-backs in your stride," says Jamie.

"No team can afford to become complacent with success — failure to step up to new levels of performance means falling behind and that is not the Crusaders way."

Under the two-year agreement Jamie will use Foresight's proven training methods to develop a real understanding of mental toughness, resilience and optimism in Crusaders and Canterbury coaches and management.

"The knowledge and skills they gain will help them lift their coaching game even further, by assessing players' resilience and optimism, and helping them to push through any attitudes that may be holding them back from absolutely peak performance," says Jamie.

A Cantabrian by birth, Jamie is delighted to be working with his home province's team.

Steve Lancaster, High Performance Leader with the Crusaders says the team are excited about the partnership with the Foresight Institute.

"As our relationship with Foresight and Jamie Ford has grown, we have seen how learned optimism and positive psychology applies to sport and developed a real belief in the benefits that will flow ... to the organisation and the team, but also to the individual coaches and players."

Find out more about Foresight helps high-performance sportspeople reach their goals.

Inspiration in challenging times

The news seems unrelentingly miserable — economic doom and gloom, bushfires and floods.

At times like this, it's all too easy to become demotivated and overcome by feelings of helplessness. But this invariably starts a downward spiral where demotivation leads to less effort, leads to worse results, leads to more demotivation ...

Never fear, Foresight is here! On the free tools page of our website, you'll find useful tools for boosting optimism and turning around negative thought patterns, even in the gloomiest of times!

Or maybe you need a company-wide boost. Jamie Ford is New Zealand's authority on positive psychology and the importance of attitude, and as a speaker delivers clear, informative messages that your audience can immediately take away and apply. Whether you want to motivate a sales team, help your staff master stress, or challenge your organisation's leaders to up their game, Jamie will produce a hard-hitting and entertaining presentation that has immediate impact.

Next month he will be helping to change attitudes by speaking at two events, the Rev Sales Network March Seminar (open to the public) and the University of Auckland Business School's "Short, Sharp" event.

Jamie can provide the boost you need at your convention or sales meeting. Find out more about how his keynote speaking helps organisations succeed.

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