Learning resilience and optimism

Adversity is a fact of life. Being resilient and optimistic will help you to overcome setbacks — achieving where others struggle.

Study after study into all areas of life — from education to sport, from health to business — shows that those who can overcome adversity are more successful. When you are able to bounce back quickly, you can take the knocks, recover swiftly and move forward faster than the competition.

Having a resilient and optimistic mindset is not something you are born with or without — it is something you can learn. By developing an optimistic and resilient attitude you will be able to:

  • Persist against adversity until you succeed
  • Stay calm under pressure
  • Overcome setbacks
  • Embrace changes at work and in life
  • Turn your vision into reality
  • Improvise creatively
  • Be healthier and feel happier
  • Be more productive
  • Achieve your sporting goals (find out about how the Crusaders develop resilient mindset). 

Foresight has two methods of measuring resilience: the Seligman Attributional Style Questionnaire (SASQ), which focuses on the individual, and Essi Systems' Resiliency Mapping, which has a broader group focus.


Ten tips on building your personal & enterprise resilience


Resilience workshops

Foresight's mental toughness workshops  will help you become more emotionally resilient and gain more motivation and drive from your successes.

Our two-day public courses include:

  • Personal assessment using the Seligman Attributional Style Questionnaire of your explanatory, or thinking, style. More than 1000 studies have shown that when you develop a more optimistic explanatory style, you are more likely to succeed.
  • Follow-up emails with suggestions on how to maximise the lessons and create lifetime habits that will drive success.

Foresight also develops in-house courses specifically for each client. They include follow-up exercises and personal coaching to help master any issues and truly imbed the learning.

Find out more about our next public resilience course sponsored by the University of Auckland

Find out more about our next public resilience course sponsored by Bright Star

For more information on how resilience and optimism will benefit you and your organisation send us an email.

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