From time to time we publish newsletters covering emotional intelligence, emotional resilience, mental toughness, positive psychology and news about our work. Recent newsletters include:


November 2012
Congratulations Canturbury Rugby on 5 Consecutive wins in a row using the mental toughness system

August 2012
Building Mental Toughness in your Organisation

June 2012
Increasing Sales Performance and the Resilience of your Organisation

December 2010
What to do about Worrying

May 2010
Another Great Gift

April 2010
The Magic of X Factor Thinking

November 2009
Power Questions that create more happiness

October 2009
The Happiness Power of a 'Success List'

August 2009
Positive ideas to create more happiness, fun and success in your life
(Why golf balls are important to happiness)

May 2009
Don't let the gloom drag your business down
Build your mental toughness

February 2009
Crusaders Hire Foresight
Inspiration in Challenging Times

Jan 2008
Positive Psychology Seminars with Professor Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology.

March 2006
Mastering Depression

Feb 2006
But they looked so good in the interview

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