Stress mapping & organisation analysis

How much is stress costing your business?

Isn't everyone under some form of mental, work, personal or emotional stress? Probably.

But excessive, unrelenting stress can lead to:

  • Increased sick leave
  • Increased turnover
  • Formal grievances
  • Low morale and productivity

The Foresight Institute's powerful stress mapping tools can show you how stress is affecting your organisation's performance and productivity. The StressMap® (from Essi Systems):

  • Measures stress on 21 scales
  • Takes less than one hour
  • Visually maps personal patterns
  • Pinpoints strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Interprets every scale
  • Inspires a pro-active attitude
  • Includes easy-to-use "action planning" worksheets
  • Is used by many of the Fortune 500

StressMap® eliminates the guesswork, giving managers and individuals tangible plans to deal with the negative effects of stress. You can identify what stress-related factors are hurting your organisation and master stress to produce real change in real time.

Foresight offers presentations, workshops,  group training and one-on-one coaching — all tailored to your needs — to bring about change within your organisation.

Contact us to find out how your organisation can benefit from mastering stress with Foresight.

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