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How can you become "antifragile"

Develop a resilient and optimistic mindset!

The matter of Kiwi mental fragility is receiving massive publicity at the moment. It affects families, sportspeople, employees and business enterprises.

There is no need to wait for an army of psychologists and counsellors to be trained to meet the need. Professor Martin Seligman unpacked the essential skills some time ago and proved that the mentally tough have an optimistic mindset and are psychologically vaccinated against depression.  They don’t get down in the dumps for long and they are much more productive than those with less resilience.

Learn the practical science-based skills for thriving in adversity by attending our next public course on Resilience and Optimism at the University of Auckland on 20-21 March 2019.

The course includes your personal resilience report based on the diagnostic validated by renowned psychologist Dr Martin Seligman. PhD.  and exclusive to Foresight.




The Importance of a Resilient and Optimistic Mindset is not folklore.

Hundreds of studies, based on
the research of  Professor Martin Seligman,
have proven just how vital this optimistic mindset is
in empowering people to excel across the range of human
endeavours and to be more effective in their work.


  • Your people make your organisation function
  •  Foresight's systems are powerful tools that will enable your people to operate more effectively

Foresight's powerful insights on performance factors enables us to work with you and your people so that they are more effective, achieve more, and gain more satisfaction in life.

Insights on how Foresight's development system ensures massive gains in employee and sales force effectiveness:
Foresight's system is designed to develop and teach people unique processes so that they are more confident, valuable, and effective employees because:
1. They are optimistic and resilient under pressure
2. They are robust, there is less friction in their working relationships, and they are less stressed when pressures increase
3.There are significant improvements in their motivation and engagement
4. There are substantial increases in their performance and productivity

Our exclusive licence to use research-based tools grounded in positive psychology, and extensive experience in this field, will provide you with a significant competitive edge.

Read some powerful testimonials on how effective and valuable our expertise is ... It works for the Canterbury Rugby team and it will work for your team also.

The way we use "Deliberate Practise"  is a key factor in making our learning programs "sticky" i.e. it is very hard to not use these vital skills once they have been learnt.

If it is important for you that your enterprise can outperform your industry sector contact us today for more insights on how to execute this ...

tel:  +64 9 414 2942 

All of our work is strongly grounded in the research-based principles of positive psychology

"A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug."
Patricia Neal





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